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    DRAFT: Fundraising Drive (Summer 2019)
    DRAFT: $5000 for Medical Care


    June 5, 2016

    Dear Karunya supporters!

    First, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued support of Karunya. I am always happy to meet visitors who hear about us and want to come see us, and am heartend by your generosity throughout the years.

    As you know, we are self-funded with support from public donations. We are providing dignity of life services for some of our elderly here in Palakkad, and to this end we are looking to raise some money to complete renovations on our kitchen/dining hall areas. We originally built the kitchen/dining areas back in 2001 when Karunya was just starting off. It has been over 15 years since the original construction, and the kitchen/dining areas require renovations to continue supporting the 20 elderly residents and our care-givers who also live here.

    We intend to start the renovations in August/September 2016 just after the monsoon. As usual funding is the hurdle we have to cross. The total budget for this construction is Rs. 15 Lakh, out of which Rs. 10 Lakh has already been raised over the years from donations. We are looking for help to raise the remaining Rs. 5 Lakh.

    We are on a mission to find old and new well wishers of Karunya who are willing to donate any amount to help us meet this target. Please help us raise awareness by forwarding this website link to your friends and family. Any amount you are able to donate is greatly appreciated.

    Please bookmark this page, where we will provide regular updates on the fundraising status. Please scroll down and follow the donation links below to make your contribution via paypal or a credit card. My son Suresh (based in Boston) will coordinate the rest. Please use the form on the right if you have any questions or want to send us well wishes towards this fund raising drive.


    P. Madhu
    Trustee & Secretary,
    Karunya GCC

    GOAL: $7500 RAISED: $1025