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    Services and Environment

    Karunya Geritric Care Centre (Managed by Palakad Alzheimers' Charitable Trust) is a small family "Vasudeva Kudunbakam" of people who lived their prime period of life supporting and helping others and forgot to live their own lives. But in their old age, there was no reciprocation when they needed support from others.  From all walks of life - without religion, caste or creed - a group of unfortunate human souls who are destined to live together in this life.

    Registered as a Charitable Trust in 2001 (Regn.No.51-Book IV/2001-  SRO, Palakkad, this Trust is approved by Kerala Govt. Social Welfare Department, Board of Control for Orphanages and also have Income Tax approval for exemption of payment of Income Tax under Section 80G - as per certificte No. CIT-TCR/TECH/80G-2009-10. 

    Ideally Located (just 5 Kms. from Railway station - off Palakkad Town) at Kodumba Panchayat, near Govt. Poly Technic College, Karingarappully Post, Palakkad  Karunya Geriatric Care Centre is a home away from home for elderly people (above 60 years) who have become orphans in their twilight years due to various reasons.

    At present there are 20 residents under our care. All these people are practically orphans and they  have no direct relatives to take care of them. Our new facility can acomodate another 15 people. We generally do NOT encourage admission of old people with children as the children have a moral responsibility to take care of their parents.


    As this is a humanitarian service, we have a group of well wishers who donate to their might every month - cash and materials. Also we get sponsors for donation of food when they celebrate their Birthdays, Marriages, Anniversaries etc. By God's grace, both ends are met at present without much problem.  We are trying to get a supporting Grant from Centre/State Govt. Social Justice Departments and hope to get them in the future. 

    Medical Care

    For the last 12 years we have been conducting a FREE Allopathic Geriatric Medical camp at Karunya for senior citizens. All our elders are given medical support by the doctors attending the camp and on an average 45 to 50 patients from the neighborhood also avail these services. Doctors consultation and Medicines are FREE. Our average expenditure on this activitiy is around Rs.5000/- every month. 

    Future Plans

    With around 30 elderly people (between the age group of 65 and 85) under our day and night care, we find it absolutely essential to have a Medical Clinic with first aid treatment facilities of our own at Karunya. We have now completed this facility (1200 Sq. Ft) and have a 1 year pilot project funded by Malabar Cements to pay for operating expenses of this clinic. 

    Also we have plans to :

    • Start a Geriatric Nurses Training Programme.
    • Conduct a survey and identify Alzheimers' patients in Kodumba Panchayat and provide Home Care   Services wherever possible.
    • If feasible, start a Day Care Centre for Alzheimers' Patients.

    How can you participate in this humanitarian service ?

    • You may join our regular Donor Group - Rs.1000/- a month.
    • You may sponsor one resident - Cost Rs.1500/- for a month.
    • You may sponsor a Lunch (Full Sadya) celebrating your own and childrens birthdays/Wedding anniversaries / Parents memory days - Rs.1500/- each.

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